Pallet Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide


Pallet manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. They are used in agriculture to retail, and pallet production has increased by 400% since 2005! That means that pallet manufacturers have been getting busier and busier over the past few years.

* Pallets are often made out of recycled materials to avoid using wood products
* There are many different types of pallets for various purposes
* They must meet strict regulations to stay in business

A pallet is usually made of wood and can transport goods from one location to another. They are often constructed with three boards, a top board, a bottom board, and a middle board. They are created so that their load is evenly distributed for the safe transportation of goods. They come in many different sizes and shapes, depending on what they will be used for. The most common pallet size is 8′ x 4′ x 40″.