PCB Fabrication Assembly Process


A PCB you can use in your product undergoes a long PCB fabrication assembly process. First the board must be fabricated with silkscreen printing and copper tracing. Once the printed circuit board is ready, the components are mounted on it. This is the assembling process. Once the board with the components soldered to it is ready, it is put through extensive tests including the visual checks by PCB experts. After undergoing quality checks, it is packed and shipped to the customer.

The PCBs are fabricated and assembled by automated machines. It ensures highly precise copper tracing, holes, prints and component placements. The details are checked through x-ray machines that can reveal flaws even at extreme micro levels. This is the advantage of PCB assembling at a highly advanced PCB manufacturing facility. All types of PCB orders for prototype PCB as well as small to large volume production runs are accepted.