Plan a Celebration: Honoring Loved Ones with Care and Sensitivity


Even in difficult times, saying goodbye doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. One of the most significant purchases that families face when a loved one passes is the cost of a funeral. But just because funerals can be expensive doesn’t mean they have to be out of reach. Affordable family funerals are within reach when families take the time to research and plan their options.

One of the best ways to honor your loved one while keeping expenses down is to consider cremation. It is a cost-effective option that can still provide a meaningful ceremony. Another option to consider is holding the service at home or in a park, instead of an expensive funeral home. Putting extra thought into the reception can also greatly reduce costs. Serving refreshments rather than a full meal, or having friends and family contribute dishes, can make a significant difference to expenses.

When planning the service and purchase, it is also a good idea to discuss pricing and all of your options with funeral directors. Many times, people are unaware of all the choices available to them. By shopping around and carefully considering what is necessary and what isn’t for the service, you can significantly reduce expenses.

While it may be hard to plan and consider affordable family funerals in the midst of grief and sorrow, remember that you are doing your best to celebrate your loved one’s life and memory. Taking the time to consider these options can ensure that you have given them the best goodbye possible without breaking the bank.