Podiatry Melton West: Everything You Need To Know


Podiatry Melton West is a podiatrist clinic that offers a range of podiatry services to patients in the area. If you are looking for a podiatrist, then look no further than Podiatry

MeltonWest! Our clinic offers a wide range of podiatry services, including:

– General podiatry care
– Foot surgery
– Sports podiatry
– Nail surgery
– Diabetic foot care

What can I expect from you?

We will provide you with a podiatric examination and then recommend treatment options. If necessary, we may perform surgery or non-surgical procedures such as injections and medication therapy. Our podiatrists are experienced in diagnosing foot problems, treating them accordingly, and providing follow-up care to ensure long-term results for your feet.
How much does podiatry cost? Podiatry costs vary depending on the type of treatment needed but usually start at $150 per consultation visit (includes X-rays).
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