Pressure Washing Solar Panels


Pressure washing solar panels: Have you pressure-washed your solar panels? Did you know that pressure washing can help clean and maintain their surface and prolong the life of the system by removing dirt and grime buildup? There are a few things to consider before pressure-washing your solar panel:

1) Always turn off power to solar panels before pressure-washing them.
2) Use a safe cleaning solution like soap or dish detergent instead of chemicals.
3) Make sure all surfaces are covered with water during the pressure washing process.

Since pressure washing is very different than cleaning with water, it’s important to test before using it on the surface of solar panels. Place a drop of dish detergent in the tank and start-up machine. If bubbles form around the soap spot, you are ready for pressure-washing. But if there are no bubbles, then the pressure washer is not ready to use.

Solar panels are used to generate electricity and can be found on rooftops, carports, and fields. They need to be pressure washed periodically so that they function properly. The pressure washing process is not difficult or expensive, but it needs to be done with care because of the solar panel’s delicate nature.