Ribs And Burgers At The Rocks


The Rocks is a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, specializing in ribs and burgers. It has been open for over ten years and has become a favorite spot for locals to come and eat. The ribs are cooked on the grill with their signature sauce, which gives them an incredible flavor! Those who enjoy beef burgers also offer quality patties made fresh daily. We hope you will visit soon and take advantage of this great deal: ribs and burger combos start at $25!

What makes these dishes unique?

Ribs – The ribs have a unique smoky taste because they’re grilled over charcoal. Burgers — They serve high-quality beef that is freshly ground each day for maximum flavor. Be sure to try out both when you go there! Great deals — You can get a combo plate very cheaply. Plus, all burgers are half off on Mondays during lunch hours. Ribs and burgers The Rocks are the best.

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