Sclera Contacts: Everything You Need To Know About White Lenses


If you’re looking for a new way to change up your look, sclera contacts may be just what you’re looking for. Also known as white lenses, sclera contacts white cover the entire eye and can make your eyes look very different. They are often used in movie and theater productions to create a more dramatic effect.

Sclera contacts are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. If you need vision correction, you will need to get a pair of prescription sclera contacts. These lenses are made to custom specifications based on the measurements of your eyes. Non-prescription Sclera Contacts are also available and can be worn for purely cosmetic purposes.

When choosing Sclera Contacts, it is important to pick a color that compliments your natural eye color. If you have very light eyes, you might want to choose a brighter shade of white. For darker eyes, a softer white may be more flattering. You should also consider the size of your iris when selecting sclera contacts. If you have large irises, you may want to choose a smaller scleral lens to avoid the ‘big eyes’ look.

Sclera Lenses are also available in a variety of patterns and designs. You can find everything from simple white sclera contacts to more elaborate designs that include swirls and other colors. If you are looking for a truly unique look, you might want to consider creating your own custom design.

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