Searching For The Perfect Onyx Piece?


Onyx is a beautiful gemstone that has been used throughout history for jewelry and other types of onyx pieces. While onyx jewelry has been around for a long time, it is still quite popular. It continues to be widely used both as jewelry and on other types of onyx pieces.

What makes onyx unique?

Onyx is a beautiful stone with many different onyx pieces and onyx jewelry. It has been used throughout history and cultures for its onyx beauty, durability, and versatility.
On the Mohs scale of hardness, onyx ranks as one of the hardest stones at a level between six and seven out of ten. On top of this strength, it is also unique in that it can be dyed or treated to create even more stunning colors, such as blue onyx. Due to these factors, onyx makes for a highly versatile gemstone which translates into outstanding quality when utilized during the creation of this jewelry.

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