Seeing the World in a New Color: Colored Contacts for Astigmatism


If you’ve ever wanted to change the color of your eyes, colored contacts may be the answer. They’re a simple and easy way to transform your look and express your personal style. But what if you have astigmatism? Can you still wear colored contacts? The answer is yes.

Colored contacts with astigmatism are available and can be prescribed by your eye doctor. Just like regular contacts, colored contacts for astigmatism can correct your vision while enhancing your eye color. These contacts work by aligning with the unique shape of your eye, which is crucial for those with astigmatism.

When it comes to picking out a color, keep in mind your natural eye color. If you have brown eyes, for example, look for colors that will complement or enhance the brown. Green or blue contacts could be a great choice. On the other hand, if you have blue eyes, try opting for more hazel or grey contacts to mix things up.

It’s important to remember that while colored contacts can be fun, they still require proper care and handling. Always follow the instructions given by your eye doctor and the contact lens manufacturer. This includes cleaning and storing them properly, as well as wearing them for the recommended amount of time.

Colored contacts with astigmatism are a great way to switch up your look while still correcting your vision. Discuss with your eye doctor to see if they’re a good option for you, and remember to choose colors that will enhance your natural beauty. Enjoy seeing the world in a new color.