Skateboard Wheel Bearings: Everything You Need To Know


There is a lot that goes into skateboard wheel bearings. If you are a beginner, it can be hard to understand all of the terminology and what each component does. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about skateboard wheel bearings so that you can make an informed purchase the next time you need new ones!

Wheel bearings are an integral part of skateboards, as they allow the wheels to spin smoothly and quickly. Without them, your skateboard would not be able to move at all. It is important to understand the different components that make up a wheel bearing and how they work together in order for you to choose the right set for your riding style.

The most common type of skateboard wheel bearing is called an ABEC rating. This is a standardized system used to measure the precision and tolerance of ball bearings. The higher the number, the more precise and accurate it will be. There are five ratings from 1-5; with 5 being the highest quality available on the market today.

When choosing a set of wheel bearings for your skateboard, you will want to take into consideration the type of terrain you plan to ride on. For example, if you are going to be riding in a park or street, then it may not be necessary to get a higher rated bearing. However, if you plan on skating rough terrain such as ramps or pool coping, then a higher rated bearing is likely necessary.

Choosing the right wheel bearings for your skateboard is essential to having a smooth and safe ride. Knowing what type of terrain you plan on riding and understanding the different ratings available can help you make an informed decision when selecting your bearings. With the vast selection on the market today, finding the perfect set of bearings for your needs should be easy! skateboard wheel bearings.