Spanish Tapas In Glebe: A Guide To Spanish Food


Spanish food is spicier than the typical Australian palate, and you can get a taste of it in Glebe.
What should I know about this?

Here we present some tapas restaurants for your consideration:

1. Pancho’s Mexican Kitchen – This Mexican restaurant has tapas on their menu and also offers vegetarian options like vegetarian tacos or Spanish style fried rice
2. Los Cabos – Located at 8/9 Cowper Street, this restaurant serves Spanish dishes such as tortilla española (fried egg omelet), chorizo con papa (spicy sausage with potatoes), and patatas bravas (potato wedges)
3. Iberico Restaurant – This Spanish-Portuguese restaurant offers spanish tapas such as croquetas (croquettes), empanadas (meat or vegetable pies) and gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns).

So if you’re looking for something different from the standard Australian fare, we recommend giving Spanish tapas Glebe a try! You won’t be disappointed.
Pancho’s Mexican Kitchen is one of the best places to experience Spanish tapas in Glebe. They offer delicious options like vegetarian tacos or Spanish-style fried rice. The atmosphere is vibrant and perfect for an enjoyable evening out with friends.
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