Tasting Vessel: What You Need To Know


Tasting Vessel is a company that sells high-quality glassware for wine, beer, and cocktails. Tasting Vessel was founded by Tessa Scurry, who has been in the restaurant industry for over ten years. Tessa’s experience as a chef and working with different glasses led her to create Tasting Vessel to offer unique glassware that will enhance your enjoyment of drinking your favorite beverage. They sell online through their website and other retailers such as Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Sur La Table, or Bed Bath & Beyond.
Tasting vessels are used to serve wines at their events, with each vessel having its unique shape and personality. They also offer online tastings for those who can’t attend in person! Their goal is to make sure wines can be enjoyed by all types of people – no matter what age, gender, or background they come from.