The 3 Best Indian Restaurants In Melbourne


    Best indian food melbourne: Indian cuisine is one of the most popular globally, and Melbourne is lucky to have some of the best Indian restaurants around. If you’re looking for an amazing culinary experience, you need to check out these three restaurants:

    1) The Curry Club – This restaurant is known for its delicious curries and tandoori chicken. They also have a great selection of naan breads and desserts.

    2) Malabar Palace -offers authentic south Indian cuisines, with dishes like dosa, uttapam, and vada pav. They also have an extensive vegetarian menu.

    3) The Taj Mahal – This restaurant serves north Indian cuisine, with favorites like chicken tikka masala and lamb biryani. They also have a selection of desserts.

    So there you have it, the three best Indian restaurants in Melbourne! If you’re looking for an amazing culinary experience, be sure to check out one of these restaurants. You won’t be disappointed!