The Agile Lean Business Case


The focus on ROI can pose a challenge to organizations that have adopted an agile workflow. The narrow focus can hinder creativity and provide a false sense of security in certain areas. For example, churning out a new version of an existing game will provide a short-term ROI but will ultimately create obsolescence. This is not the case for redefining your product development process or introducing new features.

The agile lean business case is one aspect of agile project management that can help your team build a better product. It provides transparency to stakeholders and helps the agile team understand what they’re building. This article will walk through the basics of the agile, lean business case. Let’s take a closer look. This is a crucial part of any Agile program.

The lean approach is different from the traditional waterfall. Agile teams work in a culture where change is welcomed and embraced. Instead of a rigid waterfall process, they are encouraged to experiment and learn in order to make better decisions.