The Best Bamboo Toothbrush: The Definitive Guide


Bamboo is a green alternative to plastic toothbrushes and one of the best toothbrushes out there. These best-selling brushes are made from sustainable bamboo, so they’re durable and eco-friendly as well! In this article, we will provide you with three points that make these best-sellers so great:

1) Bamboo bristles are softer than nylon bristles. The bristles are made with natural boar hair that is gentle on the gums and teeth, unlike some other best bamboo toothbrushes that use nylon or plastic bristles which can cause damage over time.

2) They have a longer lifespan. It also has rounded tips, so it doesn’t scrape against your gum line like some other best bamboo brushes do because they have sharp edges.

3) A portion of proceeds goes to charity
There is no risk of bacteria growing inside the best bamboo toothbrush because it is made with natural, anti-bacterial bamboo.