The Hidden World of Zodiac Signs


When we think of zodiac signs, we probably think about our horoscopes and what they predict. But have you ever heard of the Zodiac Nzo? This is a lesser-known system of zodiac signs that originated in Africa.

The Zodiac Nzo consists of 12 animal signs, each representing different characteristics. For example, if you were born in the year of the crocodile, you may be seen as a fierce protector. Those born in the year of the chicken may be seen as nurturing and motherly.

Like the western zodiac signs, the Zodiac Nzo also has a corresponding element for each animal sign. For instance, the crocodile is associated with the element of water, while the chicken is associated with fire.

But the Zodiac Nzo is more than just a system of signs; it is also a culture. In traditional African societies, the Zodiac Nzo was used as a way to understand the traits and behaviors of individuals. It was also used to guide important decisions such as marriage and career choices.

While the Zodiac Nzo may not be as widely recognized as the western zodiac signs, it still holds great significance in African cultures. It is a reminder of the rich history and diverse cultures that exist around the world.