The Importance Of Pro Bono Lawyers In Illinois


Pro Bono Lawyers are lawyers who work on cases without receiving any form of compensation. Pro Bono Lawyers in Illinois can help low-income individuals and families with their legal needs, which is an incredible way to give back to the community. Lawyers can also assist with family law, landlord-tenant matters, bankruptcy proceedings, and more!

Why is this important?

These Lawyers are a great way to provide legal assistance for people who need it. Lawyers allow the law firm they work for, which may have up to 20 or more attorneys on staff, to help low-income families with their cases. Pro Bonos office hours are typical during regular business hours. Still, judges will often accommodate Pro Bono’s office’s schedule so they can come in at night and on weekends if necessary. Most of Pro Bono’s clients do not qualify for free legal aid programs because their income is too high or they have been involved in certain types of crimes.

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