The Psychology of pup play


Pup play can be identified as a type of role-play behavior in which adult humans adopt the characteristics of puppies. It is said to emerge out of the BDSM community. This  activity  takes place within the broad category of dominant or submissive interactions. That is otherwise known as the defining feature of the relationship between one or more pups.

Pups can be addressed as human beings who take on the persona and attributes of dogs for the scene’s duration. They remain human but take on the dog’s role in either a dominant manner or a submissive one during sexual activity with other pups.

A sub must be well-trained by the dominant if he want him to go by his rules. If the dominant fails at that, it could be counterproductive and that could spell doom.


If you want to engage in this activity, ensure you take your time to understand the pup community and other things associated.