The Strategic Mind of George Friedman


George Friedman is a renowned geopolitical expert and the founder of Geopolitical Futures. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, and fled to the United States with his family when he was young. Friedman holds a Ph.D. in government from Cornell University and is a former political science professor.

Friedman’s works revolve around forecasting and analyzing global political events, as well as identifying emerging trends in international relations. His expertise lies in the analysis of national security, intelligence, and international economic issues.

Friedman’s writing style is straightforward and accessible, even for those who are not seasoned in the field of politics. He writes in a way that makes his analyses and predictions easy to understand, without oversimplifying the issues at hand.

His books, including The Next 100 Years and The Storm Before the Calm, have become bestsellers, and his work has been cited by multiple media outlets. In addition to his writing, Friedman is a sought-after speaker and frequently appears on news programs to provide expert commentary.

Friedman’s expertise lies in understanding patterns and predicting geopolitical events. His approach is based on analyzing historical patterns and trends to identify potential future developments. This requires a deep understanding of global history, cultures, and economies.

George Friedman is a leading expert in the field of geopolitical forecasting, with multiple bestselling books and a wealth of experience. Through his approach and writing, he provides a valuable perspective on global events and helps others better understand complex issues.