The Three Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, but it’s often overlooked. Many homeowners don’t realize the benefits of keeping their gutters clean. In this article, we will discuss three benefits of gutter cleaning: preventing water damage, preventing ice dams, and improving roof ventilation.

1. Preventing Water Damage: By keeping your gutters clean and free of debris, such as leaves and twigs, you can help prevent water from collecting in one area and potentially causing damage to your home’s foundation or roof. Clogged gutters can cause water to collect on the roof, damaging it over time, while also leading to leaks in the attic or crawlspace. Keeping gutters clear will ensure that any rain or melting snow is quickly carried away from your house, reducing the chance of structural damage.

2. Preventing Ice Dams: When temperatures drop below freezing, ice dams can form along the edge of a roofline because warm air inside the home is escaping through the attic, melting snow on the roof. This melted water can then refreeze near the edge of the roof, forming an ice dam that prevents additional snow from melting and running off. Ice dams can cause damage to shingles as they thaw and refreeze, and can also lead to leaks in your attic or crawlspace. To prevent this, make sure your gutters are clear of debris and consider installing a heated cable system along the edge of the roof to help melt these icy buildups.

3. Caulking Cracks: Weatherstripping around windows and doors helps keep cold air out during the wintertime, but it’s also important to caulk any areas where two different building materials come together. Caulk is used both inside and outside of the house, to seal off any gaps where heat or cooled air can leak out. Check around the edges of windows and door frames, as well as areas around pipes or other penetrations in the building envelope that could be letting cold air in. It’s also important to make sure your exterior walls are insulated properly to prevent further energy loss.

Keeping your home warm without breaking the bank can be achieved through proper maintenance and insulation. Weatherstripping and caulking are essential tasks to keep cold air out during wintertime, and other simple steps like using curtains or blinds can help reduce heat loss from windows. With these tips in mind, you should be able to keep your home energy-efficient all year round. Gutter Cleaning Kettering.