Three Reasons Why You Should Apply For A Permanent Residence Visa


The permanent residency visa is a permanent, multiple entry visa for people who wish to live in Australia permanently. Obtaining permanent residency can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is worth the effort. Here are three reasons why you should apply for permanent residency:

It provides permanent residence status.

Permanent residency visas are not temporary. People who hold this visa can call themselves permanent residents of Australia. This is an important distinction to make because people with permanent residency have the right to live in the country indefinitely.

You will no longer need a sponsor or employer to stay there

People who hold permanent residency visas are no longer reliant on an employer or sponsor to stay in the country. Instead, they can find their own jobs and sponsorships without relying on other people’s help.

They have greater access to government services.

People who hold permanent visas have greater access to government services than people with other types of visas, including unemployment benefits and health care options that may not be available otherwise. This also means they can pay into these programs without having to worry about spending years abroad.

To conclude, permanent visas are beneficial to the holder on many different fronts. They have greater access to government services. They can work more freely in whichever field they choose, opening many opportunities for permanent visa holders.