Tips For Creating An Agile Training Plan


Developing an agile training plan requires a thoughtful approach to training. Education is key at all levels, from the project manager to the team lead. Without proper education, teams may use the classic reporting structure and place more importance on individual effort. This will leave them unprepared to handle the challenges that come with working in an agile environment. As such, a well-planned agile training plan is essential to the success of any project. The following sections will provide an overview of some common training courses.

One of the most important components of Agile learning is the Daily Stand-Up. Daily Stand-Ups take 15 minutes and are conducted once a day at a set time. This time is not for debating, decision-making, or expressing disagreements. It’s time for reflection. The Daily Stand-Up process is critical for creating a culture of transparency and openness. Here are some tips for making your Agile training plan: