Top 3 Tips For Top Quality LA Food Photography


Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. LA has an amazing food scene, and LA photographers know how to capture it beautifully. LA Food Photography captures all of LA’s diverse culture, with restaurants representing cultures from around the world. LA is a city where you can find great coffee shops and bakeries, with artisanal products that make for fantastic photos. Here are three tips on how to get top quality photography:

Get creative
Don’t just take your photo straight on at eye level! Try zooming out or framing your subject off-center for interesting perspectives. Food Photography is all about the details, so get close up and capture interesting textures.

Use natural light
Natural LA sunlight creates beautiful shadows that bring photos to life! If you’re photographing food outside on a sunny day, use it to your advantage by positioning your subject in the direct path of the sun for optimal lighting.

Finish strong!
End your photograph on a high note by including a complementary background to create a “fuller” picture. Whether it’s an open field, the ocean breeze, or even just some gorgeous LA greenery, using less-distracting backgrounds can really help bring the focus back to your subject.

To conclude, LA food photography is a great way to let your LA dishes shine. If you’re looking for LA photographers, check out our LA Food Photography page by clicking the link below!