Verbatim Court Reporting: What It Is And How It Works


If you’re looking for a detailed, accurate record of what is said in court, verbatim court reporting is the solution you need. This type of reporting captures everything that is told in a courtroom verbatim, making it an essential tool for legal professionals and litigants.

What should I know about this?

Verbatim reporters use specialized equipment to create a verbatim record of proceedings. This equipment includes stenotype machines, which allow the reporter to capture every word in real time. The reporter then translates the stenotype notes into a written transcript, which can be used as an official record of the proceedings.

One of the benefits of verbatim reporting is that it provides an accurate, unbiased account of what was said in court. This is essential for legal professionals who must review transcripts to prepare for appeals or other legal proceedings. It also helps ensure that those not present in court can accurately understand what transpired.

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