Virtual College Tours For Students


A virtual college tour can offer prospective students an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about a school. In this day and age, prospective students are not reading college websites. They are interacting with VR technology, and virtual tours allow prospective students to ask questions. This personal touch can significantly influence their college decision. For example, a student majoring in theater may have questions about the college’s performing arts programs, or a student with dietary restrictions might have questions about the cafeteria menu. Virtual college tours for students provide a unique opportunity to highlight the college’s most distinctive attributes and make it more appealing to prospective students.

Most virtual college tours for students also include a bird’s eye view and street-view views. By adjusting these settings, students can get an idea of the distance between different buildings. Students can also use this information to determine whether they can walk the same distance from their homes to the college’s campus. In addition, they can use their phones to check the weather in different areas of the college. However, these features can only be helpful if students make an informed decision.