What Is A Pet Columbarium?


A pet columbarium is a garden of pet ashes. It can be found in pet cemeteries, pet memorial gardens, or pet crematoriums. A pet cemetery is where pets are buried, cremated, or entombed after they have passed away. These places are usually filled with heavy flowers and lush green grass that lines the pets’ area to rest for eternity. They’re often adorned with statues of dogs, cats, and other animals, as well as benches so visitors can take a break from walking around before continuing on their way.

What should I know about this?

Pets leave behind a space when they pass away, which will never be filled again by another animal companion – but there’s still a sense of comfort knowing that you’ll be able to visit their pet columbarium and spend time with them.
Pets can be laid to rest at pet cemeteries and columbariums. Still, there is a difference between the two: pet cemeteries are buried, cremated, or entombed after they have passed away, whereas columbariums’ house urns contain the deceased animal companion’s ashes. These places tend to be more like memorial parks than traditional cemeteries – lush green grass lines the area where you’ll find headstones dedicated to your pet(s) rather than gravesites.

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