What Is Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing?


The fibreglass pool resurfacing process is a coating applied to an existing fiberglass pool, and the entire surface is resurfaced. The result is a smooth, flawless finish that reduces glare and increases light absorption. Once the plaster has been set, the pool is ready to be coated in a special resin that creates a smooth and flawless surface. This process involves a primer to seal the fiberglass, followed by a resin that coats the fibers. The fiberglass process is a method that is used to repair damaged or poorly functioning fiberglass pools. This method involves the application of a layer of resin along the entire surface of the pool, followed by an application of fiberglass. In the resurfacing process, the resin is applied to the whole surface of the pool. The resin is a very thin layer that creates a smooth and flawless surface. Once this layer has been applied to the pool, it takes about 24 hours for the fiberglass to cure.