What Is The Average Cost For An Escape Room?


If you are thinking about booking an Escape Room, knowing what you can expect to pay is essential. They have a range of prices, so the cost will vary depending on where you go. The average Escape Room prices in America is $28 per person, with some costing up to $50 for an hour-long game. Suppose you want to make your Escape experience more affordable. In that case, we recommend looking at places like Costco and Sam’s Club, which offer prices starting at around $20!

What should I know about this?

Buy Escape Tickets on Groupon for as low as $15 each! They have rooms in almost every major city, including New York City and Los Angeles, perfect if you are traveling with friends or family who don’t live nearby! You can also use the Groupon app to book your tickets directly through their phone – making it even more accessible than ever to make reservations!

All rooms are non-smoking, and you should arrive 15 minutes before your time to check in with staff. If you miss this time, you run the risk of having your reservation canceled without a refund!

They are perfect for all ages who can handle a moderate level of physical activity. So pretty much anyone over the age of 12 is welcome. However, there are some exceptions — please see the website for a complete list which includes pregnant women or those suffering from asthma/cardiac problems/high blood pressure, etc.
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