What To Include In A Separation Anxiety In Dogs Training Plan


Once you have identified that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, it’s important to create a training plan so you can help them overcome their fear. A good plan should include the following:

Separation Anxiety in Dogs Training Plan

1. Positive reinforcement – Using rewards such as treats and verbal praise when your pet behaves well will encourage them to repeat this behavior. This will help your dog understand that being alone is not bad.

2. Desensitization – Slowly exposing your pet to new and different environments will help them become more comfortable with the idea of being away from you. Start small by leaving your pet in one room while you go into another, then gradually increase the amount of time and distance between you.

3. Establish a routine – Creating an established daily routine for your pet will help them feel more secure in their environment. This also allows you to anticipate when your dog might need attention or reassurance during the day.