What You May Never Know About Whips and Floggers


Whips and floggers are another type of sex toys, specifically, under the BDSM category designed for striking your partner causing a lovely sting—the sensation is out of this world.

Whip and floggers are perfect examples of BDSM toys.

Below are the characteristics

  • Whips and floggers are hand-held toys
  • Whips and floggers are of various shapes, lengths, materials, sizes and colours
  • These sex toys have rigid handles and wrist loops which make them easy to hold firmly
  • They’re very easy to use.

Whips and floggers drive your BDSM foreplays to another level. If you have never experience what great sex toys pieces you have in whips and floggers, then you’re missing out

For your next BDSM adventure, never forget to incorporate these fantastic sex toys. You’ll be glad to have them around when the “action” begins. Explore them and use them to your advantage.