What You Need To Know About The HIV Test


HIV Test Australia: The HIV test is an HIV antibody blood test. The virus attacks the body’s immune system, and antibodies are produced in response to this attack. HIV tests detect these antibodies, which means that an HIV-positive person will always have detectable levels of antibodies in their bloodstream because they can’t fight off the virus anymore.

1) There are two HIV tests types: one type detects both types of human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV Types 1 and 2). In contrast, another only detects Type 2 (HIV-2).

2) You should take your first test at least three months after possible HIV exposure to ensure antibodies have been produced and the test is accurate.

The HIV test is a blood or saliva test that looks for antibodies. HIV antibody tests do not detect HIV itself. However, they can detect infection by identifying the presence of an immune response to HIV in your body.