Why Buy Tempus Irrigation Controller?


For your garden, a Tempus Irrigation Controller is the perfect way to ensure your plants and lawn stay healthy year-round. With its adjustable settings, you can customize each zone’s watering needs, whether it be for flowers or grass, different times of the day, and even weather-dependent automatic adjustments. The intuitive interface also allows you to easily alter schedules as needed with just a few taps.

The controller can be integrated into existing sprinkler systems or set up completely new ones for added convenience. In addition, its state-of-the-art sensors allow for accurate monitoring of soil moisture levels, so you never have to worry about overwatering or underwatering again! Finally, the battery life lasts up to five years without needing replacement, so you can be sure your plants are always well taken care of. With Tempus, you’ll never have to worry about the health of your garden again!

For even more control and convenience, you can purchase the optional wireless app that connects directly to the controller. This allows you to monitor and adjust watering schedules right from your phone or tablet wherever you are — no need to run back to the garage every time a change needs to be made.