Why You Have To Be Careful With Lol Boosting Sites


In lol boosting sites, lol players can buy lol accounts from sellers. The seller would then log in to the account and play games until they accumulate a certain number of lol trophies. To ensure that the account is not banned, they usually use VPNs or proxies, so their IP address will be different from the original owner’s IP address.

Why is this important?

This is important because lol players who buy lol accounts may not know about the risks boosting sites bring. For example, if they are caught by Riot Games or Tencent with an IP address that does NOT belong to them, their account will be permanently banned.
Another reason why you have to be careful when using these sites is because some of these websites ask for your credit card information for them to do a “financial boost.” This means that someone else can use this information and steal money from your bank account! Alternatively, suppose it’s just a lol account boost without any financial transactions involved. In that case, there still could be security problems such as malware which would give others access to personal data like passwords and usernames!

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