Working Of A Wirelss Nurse Call System


A Wirelss Nurse Call System can alert nursing staff to resident calls. Wireless systems are much more convenient to install and use than their hardwired counterparts. While wired systems need some hardwiring to run, wireless ones do not. They can easily be integrated into any facility’s design. Some systems can also be used with existing smartphones and other wireless devices. In addition to being more convenient and reliable, wireless Nurse Call Systems also provide more features for the end-user.

Wireless nurse call systems offer a pendant transmitter that the patient can press to request assistance. These systems can also help staff know if a patient is falling or attempting to leave their location. The wireless system offers several ways to contact staff, including text messaging and email. They also include features like motion detection and smoke detectors. Some of the best wireless nurse call systems include mass-energy notification and bed/chair exit pads.