Zetland: A Crowd Pleasing Up-and-Coming Restaurant


Zetland is an up-and-coming restaurant filling the bellies of many East Coasters with its tasty cuisine. It’s a restaurant where not only will you get delicious food, but also a good time.

What should I know about this restaurant?

The restaurant Zetland was opened in 2013 and offered American cuisine at reasonable prices. They offer brunch on Sundays and dinner every day of the week, as well as drinks like beer and wine to accompany your meal.

Zetland offers a variety of choices, so it’s suitable for both big groups and also individuals. The restaurant has two floors – one with tables and chairs to seat large parties or social gatherings and another smaller space that is great for intimate conversation among friends or business meetings. It provides comfortable seating in either area to enjoy the atmosphere while having conversations with your party members. There are options like sharing menus if several people want to eat different things but still dine together comfortably. If you’re out on the town looking for something new, then stop by Zetland!
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