3 Benefits Of Shungite Jewellery


Shungite jewellery australia: Shungite is a natural mineral that has been known to have some amazing health benefits. It can help with arthritis, joint pain, and even depression! In this article, we’ll explore three benefits:

1) Reduce inflammation – shungites are an alkaline mineral which means they are anti-inflammatory, making them perfect for people who suffer from chronic inflammation or arthritis

2) Improve sleep – shingles can help improve the quality of your sleep because it emits negative ions, which produce positive effects on your mood

3) It helps with detoxifying the body. It has been used for centuries to reduce radiation exposure and even remove heavy metals from your system! This is why shungites are often found in water purifiers as they absorb toxins, so you don’t have to drink

The shungite stone has been used for centuries by Russia, Europe, and Asia to purify water. It can be found in many forms. Shungite is a natural mineral that emits powerful electromagnetic energies which help to promote well-being and balance energy fields.