3 Clever Ways To Use Under Desk Storage


We don’t always have a ton of storage space in our homes. This is especially true under the desk, where there are often piles and piles of papers, books, and other items. It can be difficult to find under-desk storage solutions that work for your needs. But, you don’t have to settle! In this article, we will discuss 3 clever ways to use under-desk storage, so you never have an issue again.

1) Put a small shelf under the desk: By putting a small shelf under the desk, you can store things like shoes or boots without them taking up valuable floor space. Plus, it’s much easier to access when you need something from the bottom layer!

2) Use baskets under the desk: Baskets under your desk are another great under-desk storage solution. These can be used for bulky items like sweaters or scarves that you need to store but don’t want to take up space on hangers, as well as paper clips and other small supplies under the desk.

3) Make under desk storage drawers: For under-desk storage that really holds a lot of stuff, consider making under desk storage drawers. These can be used for things like paper clips and other supplies, as well as bulky items like sweaters or scarves that don’t fit on hangers.

In conclusion, under desk storage is a great way to keep your office organized, and under-desk drawers can hold more than you think!