3 Important Tattoo Studio Sign Details To Take Consideration


Tattoo studios are found all over the world, but tattoo studio signs can be difficult to find. This is why it’s important for tattoo artists to take into consideration of their tattoo studio sign so that they will be able to find their business easily and get more customers in the door. The following are 3 tattoo sign details to take into account when designing your tattoo studio sign: font size, color scheme, and location on the building.

1) Font Size: tattoo studio signs should be large enough for tattoo artists and their customers to read from a distance and see it from far away. Be sure that the text is easy to see.

2) Color Scheme: they can be made in a variety of colors, but tattoo artists should always try to use the same color scheme for their tattoo sign. This makes it easier and cleaner when people are driving by or walking past your tattoo studio.

3) Location: the signs should be located on the front of tattoo studios, not in the back or side. You want your sign to stand out and for people to see it clearly when they pass by, even if they are driving fast down a busy street.

In conclusion, tattoo studios need to be careful of the tattoo studio sign that they choose. They should make sure it is clean and simple, easy to see from a distance, matches their color scheme, and stands out on the front of tattoo studios, not in the back or side where people cannot see it easily when driving by.