3 Things You Should Know About RC Drilling Companies


RC drilling companies are a great way to go when you need to drill RC-sized holes in RC parts. RC, or “1:24 scale,” is an alternative model size representing objects and vehicles of the same proportions as their full-size counterparts. This article will cover three aspects of RC drilling companies you should know about.

They Use Drill Rods
RC drilling companies use drill rods to produce the holes in RC parts. Drill rods are available in different sizes, and it’s vital to get the right size for the hole you’re trying to drill. Too small of a drill rod will result in a too-tight hole, while too large of a drill rod will not fit into the hole you’re trying to drill.

They Have Different Drilling Bits
RC drilling companies come with several different types of bits, each designed for a specific type of material. The three most common bit types are high-speed steel (HSS), tungsten carbide (TC), and diamond. RC drilling companies may also offer bits made of other materials, such as cobalt and titanium nitride (TiN).

They Can Be Used for Many Different Jobs
RC drillers can be used to create holes in a wide variety of objects, including metal parts, wood pieces, concrete walls, drywall boards, and brick surfaces. They can even be used on plastics or fiberglass. This makes it possible for RC drilling services to handle many different projects depending on the type and size of a bit being used at any given time.

To conclude, RC drillers are an indispensable tool for many different jobs. They can create holes in all sorts of materials, making them a versatile part of any construction project.