A Guide to Installing Your Shower Screen Brackets


Installing shower screens can be quite challenging, but if you have the right accessories, it can be easy. Shower screen brackets are important tools that help to stabilize the shower screens.

With the proper installation of shower screen brackets, you can prevent accidents, and ensure the longevity of your shower screens. So, how do you go about installing them?

Firstly, place the screen on the shower base and ensure it’s aligned properly. Mark the spots on the wall where the brackets will be attached. After marking, drill holes into the marks. If the tiles are tiled over the wall, you will have to use a diamond-tipped drill.

Next, insert wall plugs into the holes you drilled earlier, then attach the brackets with screws. Make sure the brackets are tightly secured to the wall plugs and that they’re aligned with each other.

Once your brackets are in place, you can now slide the shower screen into position. Use a spirit level to make sure the screen is level and adjust as needed.

Finally, tighten the screws to secure the bracket onto the shower screen. And that’s it. You’ve successfully installed your shower screen brackets.

Shower screen brackets are essential tools for the proper installation of shower screens. With the guide above, you can easily install them yourself, and enjoy the longevity of your shower screens.