Digital Invites And RSVP: Everything You Need To Know


Are you planning a wedding, birthday party, or another special event? If so, you’ll need to send out invitations! Nowadays, many people send digital invitations rather than paper ones. This has a lot of advantages – digital invites are more eco-friendly, they’re cheaper to produce and mail, and they can be customized to include all the essential details about your event. We’ll analyze everything you need to know about a digital invite and RSVP!

What should I know about this?
When you send digital invitations, you’ll need to include an RSVP option so your guests can confirm their attendance. This can be done through a link on your website or event page or by providing an email address or phone number that guests can use to RSVP. You should also provide a deadline for RSVPs to get an accurate headcount for your event.

Some digital invitation platforms will allow you to track who has opened your invite and whether they’ve clicked the RSVP button. This is helpful information as you finalize your guest list and send out reminders closer to the event date. If someone hasn’t opened your invite, it’s possible that they didn’t receive it – in this case, you may want to reach out to them directly to make sure they’re aware of the event.

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