Everything You Need To Know About Restoralax


Like most people, you probably don’t think about your bowel movements until there’s a problem. And when that problem arises, the first thing you’ll likely reach for is Restoralax. But what is that? What are its benefits? How does it work?

Restoralax is a laxative that is used to treat constipation. It works by softening the stool and increasing bowel movements. It is available over-the-counter and does not require a prescription.

There are many different laxatives, but Restoralax is classified as an osmotic laxative. This means it works by drawing water into the intestine, which softens the stool and makes it easier to pass.

Restoralax is generally safe and effective when used as directed. However, like all medications, there are potential side effects. The most common side effects include bloating, gas, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Constipation can be treated at home with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter laxatives in most cases. However, talk to your doctor if you have tried these treatments and are still having difficulty.