Female Veterans: Tackling Home-Based Barriers


Female Veterans often face barriers when transitioning from military to civilian life. These veterans are more likely than male veterans to experience homelessness and less likely to be employed or have access to homeownership programs. The Department of Veteran Affairs has been working hard on these issues. However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for Female Vets (and all Female Vets) to feel like they’re back at home again.

Why is this important?

Veterans are often at risk of homelessness or find it challenging to gain employment after their service. Vets are more likely to be unemployed than male vets, and one in five Female veterans on the streets is homeless. This means that Female veterans make up 20% of the adult female population experiencing homelessness while representing only seven percent (or 200,000) of all U.S women Veterans.
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