How You Can Boost Your Career in 2021


A new year brings new opportunities. With events of 2020 hopefully soon to be behind us, you may be considering working on your career in 2021. It’s likely that a lot of people will be making new year resolutions to make a career change or simply try and climb the ladder at their current job. But how can you boost your career?

Look for new opportunities

If your current job is stagnant, you might want to start looking for new opportunities. You could do this by:

  • Seeing what roles are available internally
  • Finding out from your manager if there’s room to grow
  • Looking on job sites to see what’s available on the open market
  • Going to networking events and meeting people from your industry

It’s not always easy to find a new job, especially in a whole new company, so it’s often worth looking at internal opportunities first. This means you already know the business and have a better chance at success.

Consider getting coaching

Coaching can be a good way to develop your career. If you have experience in your field, you could even work with a coaching supervisor and become a coach yourself! Many people benefit from business coaching as it allows them to make the most of their existing skills, as well as helping them discover what training and development they might benefit from.

Think about a career change

A career change doesn’t mean taking a completely different path. Career changers will often use the skills they already have to move into a different area within their industry, or they may work in the same industry, but do something new. Again, if you’re thinking of doing this, coaching may be beneficial before you make a leap. A career change is often necessary for those who work in industries that are on the decline, or if they’ve found their current career stalling.

2021 might be the year where you focus on your career and achieve your goals. A new year is a good excuse to do something different, so why not make a resolution to work on your career? Whether you are aiming for a promotion or doing something completely different, you should try and get motivated, perhaps by doing a new course, hiring a coach or simply taking stock of your skills. The new year is always a time where people reflect on their lives and the direction it’s taking, so next year might be the time to think about your job.