Indoor And Outdoor Planters For Small Balconies


When decorating a small balcony, you need to find the right combination of indoor and outdoor balcony planters. You will want to use outdoor planters that complement your balcony’s style and complement the overall space. Tall outdoor planters make grand entrances look elegant while hanging pots and patio planters attached to balcony rails are perfect for smaller balconies. Choose plants that do well in containers that provide a variety of sizes and shapes. Regardless of what type of container you choose, make sure you consider the overall look and feel of the balcony before deciding on the exact arrangement.

Black isn’t traditionally recommended for small balconies, but it can provide the perfect backdrop for green plants. Use black balcony walls, railing planters, or fencing as a backdrop to create a contemporary look. To add interest, try contrasting planters of different heights. You’ll be glad you did. You can find both ceramic and metal ones that look great on the balcony. For the best effect, choose the material that matches the rest of your home’s exterior.