Insulating Your Home with Good Floors


The floors in your house are an important factor in keeping your home well-insulated. Insulating your floors not only makes your house more energy efficient, it also saves you money over time. Solid floor insulation can provide an extra layer of protection to keep the cold air out in the winter, and heat in during the summer months.

Solid floor insulation consists of various materials such as foam boards, mineral wool or fiberglass batts and are placed between the ground and the floor. This insulation minimizes the movement of air between the ground and your house’s interior. It doesn’t just help regulate the temperature, it also provides noise insulation, so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

If your house’s foundation is made of concrete, insulation becomes even more important. Concrete is a conduit for cold air which can seep into your house through the floors, and warm air could escape in the same way. This means your heating and cooling system has to work overtime to reach the desired temperature; resulting in higher energy bills. Having solid floor insulation prevents these unwanted and unnecessary losses of energy.

Regular maintenance of your insulation is advisable and easy to do. Any signs of wear or damage should be addressed immediately and spots where air could leak should be sealed with silicone or caulking.

Solid floor insulation can save you money while making your living environment more comfortable and quieter. Don’t neglect insulating your home floors and reap the benefits it provides.