LGBT Friendly Catering: A Helpful Guide


LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. This acronym is used to refer to people who identify with one or more of these sexual orientations. Many LGBT people are not always comfortable in public places that do not accommodate LGBT people. They may feel unwelcome, embarrassed, or threatened by the presence of heterosexuals in LGBT spaces.

With LGBT friendly catering, you’re not only providing a delicious meal for your guests but also supporting the community. Here are three reasons why LGBT catering is so important:

1) They have unique dietary needs and preferences that differ from a heterosexual person’s food choices.

2) LGBT people often face discrimination regarding where they can eat or even who will cater their event.

3) Offering catering shows that you care about diversity and inclusion!

Companies can help LGBT customers feel at ease through catering tailored specifically for their needs.