Review: Torqeedo Electric Outboards


Torqeedo electric outboards: Torqeedo is a company that specializes in electric outboards and has been around for quite some time. It was founded by Torsten Tornek, an experienced engineer from Germany.

Torqeedo’s first product was the Torq-drive electric hub motor. You can turn any propeller into an electric propulsion system. This article will provide three points to help you decide if Torqueedo is right for you or not!

1) The motors are waterproof and lightweight
2) The battery can be charged onboard
3) It’s easy to install a new battery pack

Torqeedo produces high-quality electric outboards for personal watercraft such as jet skis and sailboats. Their products come with a variety of features, including:
– Torq Torque Control System which provides an efficient and smooth ride
– Adaptive Power Management to make sure the battery doesn’t run out during longer trips (which can be up to 8 hours)