The Benefits of the Latest Army Apps on Android


The U.S. Army has developed a range of new apps for Android users that serve as important tools for soldiers and civilians alike. These apps, designed to aid in everything from communication to training, have proven to be beneficial resources for those who download them.

One of the most popular US Army apps for Android is the Virtual Battlespace 3 Trainer, which allows soldiers to engage in free-range training exercises without the presence of physical obstacles. It’s an essential tool for soldiers to sharpen their combat skills in a virtual setting.

Another app that’s widely used is the iSportsman app, designed to make outdoor recreation easier with updates on hunting areas, recreational sites, and more. With this app, you can purchase a pass for a recreational area or fishing/hunting permits directed by the military’s natural resources offices.

For military personnel heading out on deployment, the JBLM CID Want/Need Crime Tips app is a helpful tool that allows them to conveniently provide tips to the Military Police. Additionally, it includes updates on the most wanted individuals, local news relating to crime, and more.

These apps are essential tools for those working in the armed forces and are easily available to anyone. They’re great sources of information from navigation to workout routines, and they’re convenient even if you’re not in the military. The US Army’s latest apps have proven to be incredibly useful resources that everyone can benefit from.