The Best Strength Training Programs For Athletes


Strength programs for athletes can be broken down into two categories: general and sport-specific. General strength training programs are designed to help athletes of all levels of ability build muscle and improve their overall physique. These types of programs are typically relatively low intensity and can be completed at any time of day. Sport-specific strength training programs, on the other hand, are designed specifically for athletes who participate in a particular sport or activity. These programs are often more intense, require more dedication and attention to detail, and may be tailored around specific goals or objectives. There is no perfect program for all athletes, so finding one that meets your particular needs and goals is important.

1) Starting Strength. This program is designed for new and beginning strength trainers. It focuses on basic barbell lifts with minimal assistance and allows time for progression.
2) Westside Barbell Club’s Powerlifting Program. This program is designed for experienced weightlifters and combines multiple exercises to create a comprehensive strength-training program. It also has a specific focus on powerlifting, which is the most effective way to improve Athletes’ performance in athletic events.
3) The Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Methodology.